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Real collaboration for your team

It is easy now to build and nurture your virtual team.

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Private & Secure

All your messages, audio-video conferences, documents are private within your business and at your preferred location. Feel safe to share all your work.


Communicate naturally

Remote is local now

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Onboard your customers, share files securely and review documents
using an interactive whiteboard
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People like to update the team on what they are doing. Use custom status,
video meetups to show what you’re currently focused on.

More than chat

Great teams communicate well and often. Keep everyone updated across.

Text, picture, voice and video messages
Share files and documents securely
Meaningful conversations
Emojis and animated gifs
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Directly address to a member or use @all to everyone in the group


Personalize notifications globally or per group per medium (desktop/email/mobile)


Instant polls, collect immediate feedback from across the team

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Collaborative Taskboard

Everyone in the team is always on the same page. Keep your stand-ups short and to the point.

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Reduce communication & co-ordination time


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Start doing a better collaboration with your team

Priority is given to emails from business emails. If you don’t have one, please send us an email at [email protected] with your details to get prioritized.
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